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Over time my baby development articles somehow just seemed to have ‘appeared’… I wrote one day, another a month or two later and in a few years I was surprized at how may I've actually written. These articles have more or less appeared in the format below in a number of offline publications. They’ve also been used for a number of audiences… but all of them focussed on parents with babies younger than about 2 years old.

Since I’ve received so many requests for reprints and explanations about some of the specific details I shared in some of them, I’ve decided to list the most frequently requested ones below. These summarise my personal tips, ideas and views of things you may find useful one time or another.

By now you know that to make sure your baby gets the best development, you need to apply the right information at the right time.

I’ve always struggled to instinctively know what works and what doesn't and trying to get the right information at the right time can at best be very time consuming. I've wasted countless hours checking out various products and services. Some great, some not.

Baby development 'rule of thumb' graphic

While you're reading these articles, keep this "rule of thumb" development graphic in mind.

  • Around 0-3 months main development focusses on the head and neck - hearing, sight, head control, etc.
  • From about 3-6 months main noticeable development shifts to torso, shoulders & upper arms.
  • During 6-9 months the primary development changes to trunk, hips and upper legs.
  • Throughout about 6-12 months we see lots of development around arms, hands and fingers.
  • And from about 9-18 months we see lots of development around lower legs & feet - typically standing, walking & running.

One more important point…
Although I am an occupation therapist and have worked my whole working career with children, you’ll notice that some of the baby development articles address topics like language development… which is outside my immediate field of expertise. So, I have a small confession to make… my daughter is a qualified speech and language therapist who assisted with the contents, details, tips and tricks of those articles.

Back to the articles...

I’d like to believe that the list of baby development articles below will to some extent quickly give you a practical and useful answer. Simply click on any of the links below to go to the relevant articles.

I know because I've wasted countless hours checking out various products and services. Some great, some not.

This article list is a selection of topics I'm regularly asked by concerned parents. Simply click on any of the links below to read the relevant articles.articles

Baby Development Articles


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If you believe there are any topics or specific questions which I haven’t suitably covered or should address, please let me know. You may find the following resource also helpful - please visit this page.

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