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Practical Baby Information For Advancing Infant Development

From: Dalene Joubert


Re:     Practical Baby Information To Ensure A Better, Brighter Future For Your Child

Dear Parent,


If you want to make sure your baby's development starts and stays on the right track, then you're going to discover how to achieve that after reading the special 3 part ePackage that I've prepared for you. This exclusive Free ePackage includes...

  • a free pdf eBook

  • a 7 lesson eCourse, and...

  • a subscription to Baby Development News

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Dalene Joubert and I'm a professional occupational therapist. For the past 23 years I've studied, encouraged and stimulated babies, toddlers and preschoolers to develop to their full potential.

It's been an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience ... one I truly hope you will experience with your baby.


From these 23 years of experience, I've learned a few 'secrets' and truths about ensuring your baby develops best. Other than my personal experience, I've picked up valuable tips from other parents and professionals in various fields and regularly applying these new ideas in my practice.


The main problem with ensuring your baby develops best is it's often difficult to know exactly what a baby must do at a specific age. And if your child's development seems to be too slow, it's even harder not to be unnecessarily over-concerned and worried. But with my 3-part ePackage, you're going to be able to overcome many of these concerns and worries.


ePackage Part #1:

Free 25-page eBook...

6 Secrets For Giving Your Baby A Better, Brighter Future


In this free ebook you'll learn:

  • 7 Quick and easy ways to measure your baby's progress (Hint: Most parents are totally unaware of 4 of them)

  • One of the easiest ways to understand and use baby milestones to measure your baby's development

  • Why parents must use different guidelines to accurately track the development of a premature baby -- But if you know this rule, you'll immediately know what to expect from any preemie!

  • 4 Proven guidelines how to use baby milestones to give your child the biggest advantage possible. (Even if you do nothing else but still decide to follow these guidelines, it could easily be the very best decision you make this year.)

  • 2 Easy things every baby must do for best development… this will also help you understand and correct one thing most parents regularly overlook

  • Discover an easy-to-use technique to tell if you should really be concerned when your baby progresses slowly

  • How to avoid the single biggest mistake when stimulating and encouraging your child's development

ePackage Part #2:

Free 7-Lesson eCourse

7 Signs That Signal Your Baby Develops Right

The 7 lessons in this eCourse include... baby information

Lesson 1 -----> "The #1 Truth Baby Development Professionals Agree On And How You Can Use It To Boost Your Baby"

Lesson 2 -----> "Your Ignorance May Be Killing Your Baby's Future!"

Lesson 3 ------> The Truth About When Babies Really Start To Crawl

Lesson 4 ------> Top 3 Reasons Why Baby Crawling Must Be Done Correctly

Lesson 5 ------> The Easiest Way To Successful Baby Development

Lesson 6 ------> The Biggest Secret Of Worry Free Baby Development

Lesson 7 ------> The Worst Baby Development Myth... Revealed! baby information


Special ePackage Bonus Worth $97:

Free Subscription To "Baby Development News"


You'll receive the latest new tips related to Baby Development from me for free. This is definitely a very valuable bonus gift because whenever I get any new or useful things to share about your baby's development, you'll be the first to know! Imagine getting all of these valuable resources and tips WITHOUT doing anything at all. As long as your baby grows and develops, you're going to benefit from this free bonus subscription.


Simply fill in your name, email address and click Subscribe". You'll get instant access to the epackage.


We never share your contact details with anyone... period!

Dalene Joubert

P.S: Subscribe now to receive your FREE epackage today. Your subscription will automatically allow you to also receive more related tips. You have nothing to lose at all by subscribing today.  information

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