Baby Milestones At 8 Months

Baby milestones at 8 months are unique in several respects and nature. It is a phase of stabilization and balance.

In the previous months, your baby acquired the much-needed strength and will power to adjust to new surroundings and environment.

By the 8th month and beyond, she is ready to take off her relationship with external world in a better and meaningful way. She is also ready to explore, understand, learn and mater new tasks, skills and lessons in a big way.

During the 8 month old baby development stage, the first visible noticeable change is the development of important muscle systems relating to her pelvic area, neck, stomach and back. Baby milestones at 8 months

Her muscle-mind coordination will improve to help her complete a number of development tasks and exercises.

At this critical stage, your child will also undergo a series of physical, mental, language and social changes like:

Physical Changes  

  • Your baby can arch her back by balancing on her stomach, while lifting head, arms and legs high above the floor.

  • She can also raise her legs and bring them near her mouth to bite the toenails. Baby milestones at 8 months

  • Rolling around from her back to the stomach area is very simple and easy for her. In fact, she may simply loose her interest in just lying on her stomach right throughout the day, except while sleeping.

  • She can also sit down without any support as long as up to a minute. Though she is little unsteady, she can still try by herself to sit and explore touching objects with her hands.

  • She would have mastered the art of grasping and holding on things or objects for a long time. She can even drop them or throw them away from her intentionally.

Mental Changes

  • Your baby will be very active in learning and understanding more about people and objects around her.

  • The learning process will pick up momentum during the 8 month old baby development. Baby milestones at 8 months

  • She will also try to find out everything about objects- their color, texture, expressions, sound, texture, hardness and taste.

  • She will identify and recognize by relating the experiences and exposure with the objects and things.

  • However, her hand-to-hand coordination is yet to develop completely, as she will still grasp at objects by using her one hand.

Verbal Communication Changes  

  • Even after 8 months of development, your baby still babbles a lot and utters meaningless sound bytes! It may take some more time to master the speech techniques and skills.

  • However, the frequency babbling and the number of babbled words increase significantly, when you stimulate her by talking to her.

  • At this stage your baby may understand words.

  • The degree and the capacity at which your baby learns to speak is almost the same for every child, unless she develops slowly.

Social Changes

  • One of the perceived negative character that affects almost all babies is the "anxiety factor" as soon as they encounter strangers. It is very common at this time as well! She may like you or your spouse to handle and feed her and no one else!

  • She may also dislike you when you leave her alone in her cot or in the crib. The attachment of your baby with your life is so thick that she does not want to leave you even for a single second! Baby milestones at 8 months

  • At times, your baby may not develop socially in the expected manner. The rate of development often varies from baby to baby; while some babies grow at a furious rate, many others may take more time to grow and develop.

  • At the end of 8 months of development, your baby is more likely to develop emotions at a furious pace. Over the next few months, your child may learn to identify, assess, probe and mimic moods, and may exhibit first signs of empathy.


At this age, your child may develop the first visible signs of "separation anxiety". Baby milestones at 8 months

This particular attitude is probably the result of over-dependence on you for nutrition and emotional needs. If your baby feels that no one part from your family members can satiate her needs, she will start clinging to you throughout the day and night.

However, it is better to let her experience some form of separation anxiety to allow her to slowly learn the reality of separation.

Improving Vision

Your baby's vision is similar like that of an adult in its clarity, investigation and depth.

However, her short-range sight is still far better than the long-range sight. The quality of her vision is just enough to recognize and identify people and objects scattered in a room.

If you suspect that something may be wrong with her vision, visit your doctor immediately for help.

What lies in the future?

The first and foremost thing to remember is to give her nutritious food with a balanced supplement of essential minerals and vitamins. Good nutrition is a compulsory requirement to ensure optimal growth of your baby.


With a fast growing eight month-old baby with you, it is wearying to keep the house tidy and clean. Baby milestones at 8 months

You will probably dislike the mess your baby creates. But too big a thing of it! After all, your loving baby is doing it... only to explore and learn! The more she explores, handles and seeks out new things, the more she learns and understands!

However, be gentle and teach her a thing or two about the importance of tidiness. She may at least know that you are angry with her for her untidiness! However, also remember that your baby will most likely not understand the instructions you give her about anything!

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