Baby's Bowel Movement

by Shoo

I am giving my 2 year old baby cow's milk from one month ago. Before that I used to give her formula in the mornings and cow's milk in the night. But there are some changes in her poop. Its color is yellow these days. I am worry about that. She usually eats well and I give her a tonic every other day. Any comments or suggestions that may help?

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Baby Poo
by: Margaret Watson

Baby poo does change when taking cow's milk. It makes a difference to your child's bowel movements in texture, color and even smell. This is perfectly normal. At this age your child's digestive and immune system can cope, so don't worry. It is usually only when cow's milk is introduced too early - before 9 to 12 months that problems can develop such as an increased tendency to asthma or eczema. If everything is fine, count your blessings.

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