Baby’s Breathing

by Luis

I am increasingly worried about my baby’s breathing. My 3-week old daughter has no fever and eats well. But despite appearing calm, she is becoming increasingly fussy and appears a bit more lethargic than usual.

My main concern has to do with her breathing. At times it seems as if she can't catch her breath and gets red in the face. Is this typical or should I worry. And more important, what should I do now?

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Have it checked
by: Anonymous

My baby was doing the same thing at 1 week old and past away very suddenly in hospital. We only found out later that she had a hole in her heart. My suggestion would be to get your baby to hospital as soon as possible to have it checked, just in case it is something serious. You do not want to go through what I did.

Breathing Problems
by: Anonymous

Premature babies often suffer from breathing problems. If a baby is premature there is usually a 1 in 10 chance of having breathing problems. Of course, the more premature, the more likely.

Your baby is still only three weeks old. She will be breathing out through her nose rather than her mouth at this stage. And the passages are still very narrow, so even a small amount of mucus can cause problems. Watch your baby when she is breathing normally and get used to how fast this is - much faster than an adult.

If possible video (with sound) a period when she is having difficulties and breathing problems. Then show this to your practitioner or health visitor so that they can see (and hear) exactly what is causing your worries. Are you still breast feeding? Some babies may react to other kinds of milk. This is obviously causing you concern. So, I do suggest you share your concerns as soon as possible.

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