Best time for baby to sit

by Amanda Radovic

When baby can crawl and pivot into a sitting position and then can crawl off from a sitting position is in my opinion the best time for baby to sit. The exception to this is when baby is sitting in arms where they have the full support of their parent if needed.

Why? Firstly, it's taxing on their back muscles if they can't simply lean back for support when needed.

Secondly, the reflex to break their fall when they lose balance hasn't appeared yet so that is why they fall back and smack their heads.

Thirdly, if they can't work out how to crawl off, then you increase the odds that your baby will become a bum shuffler.

The best way to get a baby to sit is to consistently put them on the floor in a prone position (tummy). Without contraptions that restrict their movement, they will work it out so much more quickly.

Yes, they may get frustrated, but this frustration is needed to spur them on to work out crawling and sitting.

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Sitting unsupported
by: Anonymous

The best time for a baby to be sitting unsupported is once their muscles, nerves and reflexes have developed enough for them to do so. If you try to let your baby sit before he is ready he will simply topple over. For most babies the time is somewhere between 4 and 7 months of age. If a baby is born prematurely then it may well take him longer. A good way to encourage baby is to sit on the floor yourself and place baby sitting with his back to you between your legs. Place some toys in front of him. He will support himself on both hands at first and then one as he reaches out for toys. When he is able to do so he will be able to use both hands.

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