Best Toys For Baby

by Anonymous

What do you see as some of the best toys for baby?

I know that it's difficult, if not impossible, to pick a 'best baby toy', but what I am specifically looking at are toys that:

- babies love to play with, or
- are great learning toys

Any suggestions or advice?

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by: Lysergic_Girl

I have had three kids, 2 of which are older now at 7 and 6. Currently I have a 6 month old and it seems I am struggling to remember all the great toys that my kids loved. Here is my short list of what was most worth it.

Fisher Price Learning Home. First off, the barn they have now is great for a little bit, but in all honesty, find the house. It has a zillion other things to play with on it and 2 months after I had bought it for my daughter, we were still finding new things that it did. Both of my older kids played non-stop with this everyday till they were well over 2 years old. Its something that is very much worth the investment. You won't regret it.

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Fish Bowl. The one they have now is a little different then the one 7 years ago, but still has the same basic fuctions. I could only find it on Amazon, but its a cheaper one at 20 bucks and all three of my kids have been awed by it. Its a simple put in, take out toy, but by far the best one I have ever seen.

Duplo. Better for an older baby who about 9 months or so, but everyone knows that kids love Legos and every child should have some. They do suck to step on at night though...pick-up is key here:-)

LeapFrog musical table. This got old really quick for me to hear over and over, but they played with it for a very long time and definitely used it a lot during the day. I'm trying the Fisher-Price busy day table this time around, but honestly, I think its the idea of these activity tables that are great. You really can't go wrong with one. Just make sure its sturdy 'cause they will pull up on it.

by: Anonymous

Babies like to open boxes, what's more, boxes are free.

To make things a little more interesting, put something in them, it does not matter what. And since babies love to climb into boxes, you may want to get a few really big ones too.

The Best Toys For Baby
by: Aida

It depends on the age, but....

I bought a Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym for my daughter and she started using it since she was a month old. Now, at almost eight months, she crawls into it on her own and loves it. So does my niece who is a few months younger and my best friends boy who is going on 12 months. I really recommend this specific playmat because I have seen babies in others and they outgrow their interest quicker. (But get the BIG one... the small one is a waste of money!)

The thing is fantastic, honest. Babies discover different parts of it as they grow, first the lights, then the music, then butterflies, then hanging's a never ending discovery aid month after month. It really is great.

I also bought a plush toy - Disney Finding Nemo Squirt. All the babies want the same thing when its a play day at my place. Always.

Also a jumper. In fact, I have two and they have been fabulous. They are the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo and the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.

And if you are a book person, invest in big colorful children's books. I have passed on that love to my daughter. It's quality time for us. She sits and listens, and attempts to change the pages and already has her favorite ones. We read every day, often three, four, sometimes even five times in a day.

I started since she was a month old, reading aloud at first while holding her. Little by little it has become a great way to take a load off while keeping her happy and entertained.

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