A Foolproof Way To Ensure Best Baby Development

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Best baby development is one thing every parent wants for their child... a good integrated, well functioning baby.

So where do we start?

Some years ago a few brain development specialists discovered that there is a direct link between baby mobility and brain development... of course, the better the mobility the more the brain development. One of their important findings is that the physical condition of your baby is foremost to brain development and formation of learning potential.

Stated differently, ensuring your child's physical development is the foundation for ensuring best baby development. And it all starts by tracking your child's physical development against the baby milestones.

One of the very first noticeable signs that your baby's development is on track is... proper head support and control.

It's also a very important milestone that influences the progress of all further development. And it's a "self-correcting" milestone, meaning that you will immediately know when everything isn't right.

Without proper head control your baby is NOT likely to roll, sit, crawl, stand or walk properly.

But very few parents are aware of this milestone and its importance. Nor do they take extra effort to ensure that their child properly masters it.

They simply assume they are already giving the best baby development. And everything is always OK.

But here's something even more important...

Mastering Good Baby Head Support Is Only Part Of The Solution

Your baby needs to master the ability to hold her head upright and move it from side to side to look at nearby things at a very specific age. So, it's not as if she can take her time to reach this milestone.

By 8 weeks about 50% of all babies can lift their heads to look ahead when lying on the floor. And 70% of them can do so by 10 weeks. And by 14 weeks 90% of them can easily do so.

10 Weeks is a great time to judge how well your child is doing!

If she doesn't have good head support at around 10 weeks it's still not something to get too worried about. But it definitely shows you that development is a bit slow.

Ten weeks is a great time to seriously encourage your baby to master head control.

Stimulating Good Head Control

"How do I do that?"... I can already hear you ask.

Easiest and most effective is to encourage tummy lying. Place your baby on her tummy on a mat or on the floor. Encourage her by getting down and talking to her, making sounds and even placing colorful toys in the near vicinity.

This is a very simple, yet one of the best ways to encourage and stimulate good head control.

Another great way is not to support her head all the time when holding her. But take care when doing so. Obviously the idea is also to encourage and stimulate her to master head control - not to injure her.

Here's a simple 4-Step Baby Head Support Program

  1. Always encourage your baby to spend lots of time on her tummy

  2. Look and judge head control at around 10 weeks

  3. Seriously encourage head control if she hasn't mastered it by 10 weeks

  4. Get professional assistance or speak to your doctor if she still hasn't mastered it at 12 weeks

Once you know how important good head control and support is for best baby development, you'll realize the importance of constantly judging your child's progress. For information on ensuring best baby development, click here.

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