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2009 Best Baby Toys

About finding the best baby toys for your child... by now you know there's ample proof that...

Carefully Selected Toys Are Highly Effective In Teaching & Developing Your Child’s Budding Skills, Talents and Genius

Probably one of the easiest ways to get very specific information about which toys work just right, is by getting the 2009 Baby Toys guide.

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I know you want to take action...

  • If you know what exact toys are really best for your baby.
  • If you know when to get the toys.
  • If you know what types of toys are best now.
  • If you know where to get these toys.

That's an awful lot of "ifs"!

Quite obviously,I already know how to get each of these things done. In fact, I do it every day.

A number of years ago I started and operated an educational toy library at a leading university to stimulate and encourage child development. The goal was to use carefully selected educational toys and activities to encourage specific skills development in babies and toddlers. Since then I’ve successfully used the very same techniques to stimulate and speed up development in many children. In a recent lecture, I shared a few simple, yet powerful ways to boost development of baby skills using selected toys.

I’ve now used that presentation to write up a free manual, added a lot of practical, useful information and titled it:

2009 Best Baby Toys

Here are just a few things that you'll learn (or re-learn!) after you download the Free PDF report below...

  • How carefully selected toys help build and improve your baby’s vital learning skills (page 5)

  • Why every parent needs to know baby milestones… and how to use it to most benefit your child

  • The A-B formula for selecting the right toy… regardless of your baby’s age

  • 4 Specific skills your baby must master for getting the best learning experience

  • What 8 toy groupings are outright best for 0-3 month olds

  • Your 11 best toy options for 3-6 month old babies

  • Easily select highly stimulating toys from any of 12 different groups for 6-9 month olds

  • 9 Kinds of toys you can confidently choose from - right now - to teach, encourage and endlessly amuse your 9-12 month old

  • The correct types of educational toys to encourage and persuade your baby to stand and walk

  • A super fast way to choose the best toy for your baby, regardless of age

  • The hands down, easiest way to accurately select the right toy for developing a specific baby skill

Some of these suggestions teach you what types of toys are right for your baby and what not; others show you specific toys you can confidently get any day; and still others teach you what specific skillsthese toys develop.

All of them are included for one reason... to

Quickly And Easily Find The Best Baby Toys

Whether your baby is a newborn or 24 months old, whether it's a boy or a girl, whether you can buy at a leading toy store or at your local one, or even if you pick them up at garage sales… you'll discover what’s best for your baby! So, subscribe now!


All the best,

Dalene Joubert

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