Bowel Movement

by Arta

My daughter is 8 weeks and she has not had a bowel movement on her own for over a week. Every day I use a glycerin suppository to encourage her bowel movements because she cannot rest at all without pooping. She eats well and urinates frequently, but the bowel movements are not happening.

My doctor says that her rectal opening may be too narrow and that I have to push her legs against her body in a cycling motion to help. I have tried everything from water enemas to petroleum jelly to prune juice to olive oil to soap.

I do not know what else to do since I do now want her to become dependent on these laxatives. I have been using the suppositories since she was 1 week old. I’d like to hear your suggestions.

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Not constipated
by: Anonymous

My child is 3 weeks and she is not constipated, but she just can't get started. The doctor has me giving her 1tsp of dark Karo syrup to one or two bottles a day. It keeps the stool soft but she hasn't been able to get going on her own. But once she does she goes. I use petroleum jelly on the end of Qtip and just go around the inside of her anus. Not too deep just the end of Qtip no more. This helps remind her to go, but I only do it if she has tried for 3 or 4 days. If she keeps it up we are going back to the doctor, because she should be able to pass by herself.

Fruit Juice
by: Anonymous

My son had problems too and the doctor told me to give him juice. If he was 2 months old then give him 2 oz of juice diluted. If 3 months then 3 oz and so on. Just make sure it's diluted. She said any kind of juice, but pear juice is the best. I usually gave him apple and one time I gave him pear juice and it went right through him so it actually worked :-)

Baby Bowel Movement
by: Sr Lyn Wade

Let's address this baby bowel movement issue step by step. I would first like to ask this Mom if her Little One is breast or formula fed?

If she is breast fed, it is very normal for her not to have a stool every day and can even go without having a stool for up to 10 days (all normal).

If she is formula fed, is it a fact that her stools are hard (i.e. harder than 'peanut butter or tooth paste') or is it that she has an infrequent stool. If it is a hard stool Mom should perhaps try giving her extra fluids during the day e.g. 25-50 mls rooibos tea with half a teaspoon sticky brown sugar 2x or 3x a day usually softens the stool very nicely.

Mom could also make up a rooibos tea and use that water to make up her formula. Has she tried giving her Little One probiotics? If Mom is giving her apple or pear juice, because of the pectin in the juice, this could also harden the stool. So by stopping the apple and pear juice this could also help.

I would strongly recommend that she stops using those suppositories and enemas. She needs to treat the cause rather than just the symptoms. Rather go back to the doctor who may need to refer her to a Gastroenterologist for further investigations. I have heard of this before, and has it has been resolved by a specialist.

Doctor Visit
by: Courtney K

I am not exactly sure what to comment on this one. I can't say that I have ever had a similar problem. But my suggestion would be to check with your doctor again and see if s/he could not recommend anything different for your little one.

by: Anonymous

The doctor is very well aware of this. She gave me a few suggestions in place of using suppositories, but so far nothing has helped. She recons that it will "take some time till she (my baby) becomes adjusted outside the womb".

Baby Bowel Movement
by: Anonymous

Have you ever considered that perhaps the formula which your baby gets is not suitable for him/her and a possible cause for the baby bowel movement problems? You may try to seek advice from your pediatrician if changing the current baby formula is necessary.

Keep in mind, you must feed your baby with adequate of water. The best is after each feeding times, 4-5 teaspoon fulls (for infant) to help digestion. It really works for my 7 months old son (then 2 months old). He faced the same problem as your baby.

Suppositories & Enemas On An 8 Week Old?
by: Anonymous

Does your doctor know and approve that you're doing this? If not, I suggest you stop immediately and call him/her. This practise is potentially very harmful for your baby.

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