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An Aid For Teaching Crawling

By Dalene Joubert

In today's tip:
 In 2009 Best Baby Toys you'll notice I mention activity mats and activity centers for 3-6 month olds to teach mobility. Although these are probably some of the best all-round learning toys, you may often want to develop a specific skill like crawling. That's what today's tip, and a few more, is about...

Dear Friend,,

Probably one of the questions I get asked most is...

"What toy can I use to encourage or teach my baby to crawl?"

Obviously, there are many suitable ones. But one you can surely check out is the Lamaze First Mirror.

Now, if you use this mirror in combination with the tummy time activity, then you have a very effective learning tool. If you use this toy on its own, or when using the 5P crawling technique... you'll see results almost every time.

All you do it put your baby on her tummy on the floor. Place the mirror just beyond your baby's reach in front of her. It's just the right height for her to look at.

My suggestion is to get the Lamaze First Mirror for babies of about 2 months and older.

It's an effective way of getting your baby to look at herself. And it distracts your baby's attention before she realizes she's actually lying on her tummy.

And that is exactly what we would like to encourage, since it's the starting point of getting ANY baby to crawl!

What I like about this plaything is:

  • it's made by Lamaze... a well-known brand name for high quality stuff

  • you can remove the mirror to wash the frame

  • the mirror is well-made and gives a clear, undistorted reflection

  • the mirror can be detached to hang onto a crib or even in the car

  • babies just love to look at themselves when on their tummies. This plaything is surely one I like to use most... and still get great results encouraging babies to learn to crawl

Until next time,

Dalene Joubert

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