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When Last Did You Consider Hygiene?

By Dalene Joubert

Do you also overlook this?
 In Best Baby Toys we talk about toys and playthings... and how to use them to stimulate and encourage your baby's development. But nowhere do we mention that you also need to closely watch hygiene. That's what today's tip is about...

Dear Friend,

My father used to say that children should not be clean. That was merely his way of saying that children should play a lot and in the process not worry about being clean.

In just the same way you'll notice that most of your baby's toys become greasy and dirty after a while. The same happens at my "play room" where I literally see hundreds of children every month.

Every few weeks I spend a weekend to clean all the toys. Not only do they look new again, but it's much more hygienic (you'll be surprised to know what children can actually do with "ordinary" toys!).

The easiest and best solution I've found to clean them is to half fill my bath with lukewarm water, and wash them with soap, water and a stiff brush.

I even wash the texture toys. Dry them with a normal bathroom towel and put them somewhere to dry.

Sidebar: Go back to 2009 Best Baby Toys and notice how many toy groups or types are texture and material ones. This is especially true for babies younger than 12 months. And it's also the group we must take particular good care of when it comes to hygiene!

My suggestion is not to dry your puzzle pieces in direct sunlight, especially if it's made of laminated wood. I found a few of them to crack after drying them in direct sunlight.

Hang your texture toys on a washing line as you would do with normal washing. It works well and is simple to do.

Until next time, God bless!

Dalene Joubert

PO Box 438, Trichardt 2300, South Africa