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How To Get Your Baby Out Of Your Bed

By Dalene Joubert of

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We'll look at how to get your baby out of your bed AND how to get her off her night bottle. Note: Here's how you can get a good night's sleep without hassle or fuss.

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A common problem we all face is this one recently posted by Ingrid.

Question: My toddler is 19 months old. How can I get her off a night bottle and out of our bed?

Answer: There are a few things you can try. But first, let's simplify and make things a bit easier.

You are not going to solve both problems at the same time. My suggestion is to first get her out of your bed and only then off her night bottle.

Although there is no hard and fast rule to tell you exactly what will work, I'm sure the following strategy will do the trick.

Start off by putting her to bed in her own crib or bed right next to your bed. Push her bed right up to yours.

Put her to bed at night with a bottle - in her bed. And get her to sleep following the same routine you normally use.

Once she becomes accustomed to this new routine, slowly move her bed further and further from yours. Continue doing so until she in her own room.

One of the things you can try to comfort her, is to switch on a night light.

Once she's in her own room, only then start getting her off the bottle. Also, this is not going to happen suddenly. It takes time.

First give her slightly less milk every time. Then completely remove the bottle.

If she wakes at night for the bottle, rather give her a cup. Let her take a few sips, remove the cup and get her to sleep again.

Make sure she falls asleep, even if you have to comfort her
a bit.

Finally, babies fall into a routine very quickly. What you're experiencing now is most likely the result of a routine you've followed. It worked, that's why you kept on using the same routine. There's nothing wrong with that.

The thing is, it takes time to change this routine. So, don't despair if it doesn't work the first time.

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Dalene Joubert

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