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Baby Toys & Things Special Report

By Dalene Joubert

Any suggestions?
 A while ago you downloaded 2009 Best Baby Toys. This report is by no means complete. There are also many toys and games I have not covered. That’s why I like to get your feedback, suggestions and inputs. Should you have any suggestions, please contact me at:

I am looking for the following "kinds" of resources for future publications...

  • Toys

  • Games

  • Audio programs

  • Books

  • Activities

And, if you’re a manufacturer, distributor or somehow interested in using this ebook to showcase and display your toys, games and items, please let me know. I am sure we can work something out to benefit both of us. Also contact me at:

I would like to hear from you.

Dear Friend,

Today I have a very special baby toy report for you. This report summarizes what I believe to be the 7 most critical questions any parent should ask to ensure they get the very best toys and games for their children.

Download the report by right clicking the following link and then saving the file to your desktop:

7 Must-Ask Baby Toy Questions

Until next time,

Dalene Joubert

PO Box 438, Trichardt 2300, South Africa