Cannot sit up on his own

by Lisa Plaster
(Jonesborough, Tennessee)

My grandson cannot sit up on his own yet. He will be 11 months old on the 18th. He also cannot say any words, pull himself up unless he takes your fingers, and cannot crawl either. I am very concerned what could be wrong. I would like some advise on what I could and should do to help him along.

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Learn to sit unsupported
by: Anonymous

Most babies learn to sit unsupported by the time they are eight months old, however some do take a little longer. Was the baby born early, because if so you should take this into account. Can he roll over and control his head? If so, try sitting on the floor and place baby, back to you between your legs. Place some toys in front of you. He can then lean forward on his hands. With time he will do this one handed.

As he is 11 months old if he cannot yet control his head or roll over then I suggest he is checked over by a paediatrician who should be able to reassure you or offer help. Mean while enjoy your grandson.

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