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Early Intervention Programs
by: Stephanie

There are wonderful mandated early intervention program for children 0-3 in every state and county in the US. Ask your doctor to refer you or call your local health department or school system to find out whom to call. There are trained baby specialists who provide free developmental evaluations and offer therapies and suggestions to help your baby!

Delay In Physical Abilities
by: Margaret Watson

There is obviously some reason for the delay in physical abilities, although your son doesn't have the conditions already tested for. As the mother of a child who had multiple problems I quickly learned two things... one - don't let worry control your life.

Two - get a little bit pushy with the professionals and insist upon answers. Write things down that you want to ask before consultations. Take notes - at what stage did your son gain control of his head for instance. Has he a good muscle tone or is it over relaxed? Is his ability to feed normally delayed? Has he any speech? Just keep asking questions until you get answers and meanwhile enjoy what your son can do.

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