Cannot stand

by Anu

My baby is 11mths old, but still cannot stand on his own. My concern is he is a pampered boy and we never made him sleep on the ground. He can roll around but cannot stand on his own. If we give support he can sit and with support he can stand. Are boys late compared to girls? When is the average age when a baby boy can typically stand or walk? Is a baby walker safe to use?

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Baby standing
by: Anonymous

We need to look at the issue of baby standing from a number of angles. Was your son born at full term? Keep in mind that a premature baby is only as mature as from the date he was due, not the actual date of his birth.

You say your son is a pampered baby. Is he perhaps a little overweight? Heavier babies tend to be slower to stand and walk. It is just that much more effort.

If you hold him upright on your lap does he push down with his feet? If he does that is a good sign. All babies go through the various stages of physical development in the same order, but not at the same speed.

Does he have full control of his head? Babies are born with weak muscles which get stronger over time. By about 8 months many, but not all, babies can sit without support. Standing and walking follow on in time - at anytime from about a year old to 20 months can be considered as normal. If you are still worried I suggest you ask a pediatrician to examine your son to exclude any physical problems, if he is unable to sit unsupported in a month's time. In the mean time, also have a look at the Baby milestone chart.

A baby walker will probably give your son confidence, but should only be used when someone can supervise baby. It will not necessarily aid to encourage baby standing and walking at an earlier age. I suggest you also read this article for another opinion. But regardless of what you do, do not leave him alone in it.

Baby milestones
by: Anonymous

A lot of parents will tell you that boys reach the baby milestones later than girls, but the fact is that babies are just very different from one another.

I would not think there is anything to worry about if your baby can stand with support. Some babies walk at 1 year, which is the average age, but a great many walk earlier or even much later.

As for a walker, the opinions seem to be mixed. I never bought one since they said it could potentially cause accidents. I am also not sure it would have helped them walk sooner, but it occurred to me that it may have kept my kids quite interested and mobile... and they would have enjoyed it.

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