Commando crawling

by Lynette
(Cape Town, SA)

My son is almost 10 months and only does commando crawling. He does not crawl on his knees. He uses his feet and arms, and does not lift his upper body from the ground when he is moving. I must say that he has no problem getting around. He is starting to go on his knees but he does not move the one knee in front of the other. Is this a problem or will he start to crawl on his knees in his own time?

*** Comments by Dalene ***
If you look at the development chart on
you will see that your baby's crawling development is not a problem. From your question it seems as if he is already moving by typical commando crawling... which is quite OK.

From experience I'd say that he is quite ready to start proper crawling. If you want to help him, I suggest that you carefully use your hands to move this knees and arms in a crawling way when he is standing on all fours. Stated differently, you will be 'teaching' him the crawling moves :-)

Most kids simply need that first stimulation to get them going. Stick with it... he's almost there!

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Babies move forward
by: Donald ( Kindyroo dalian)

Babies move forward as soon as s/he starts the STNR (symmetrical tonic neck reflex where s/he lifts her body of the floor and starts rocking forward and back). This is one of the primitive reflexes she will undergo and will help to move forward and more advance crawling. Also you can help by doing pull ups exercises lifting her chest and stretching arms to strengthen arm muscles. More tummy time is already recommended at this stage of of her development.

Crawling properly
by: Johanna

One way to help them is to take their clothes off. This will help them try crawling properly. When they crawl without clothes, their bellies stick to the floor which they do not like. My daughter improved a lot using this way.

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