Common cold

Can a one week old baby catch a cold?

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Baby common cold
by: Anonymous

Many parents find it difficult to treat baby common colds. The system of a baby is very sensity. And exposure to any form of cold (i.e cold weather, wet chest as a result of mouth fluids, clothes soaked with sweat, etc.) can easily cause common cold to a baby, irrespective of her age.

I found that the use of hot water/balm therapy is very effective for treating baby common colds.

Common cold in new born
by: rasheda

There are two possible reasons your baby may have a stuffy nose if he is not sick:

When a baby spits up, the milk goes into their nose causing them to have milk boogers. They are generally white in color. You can use non medicated saline drops and a nasal aspirator to remove the snot from the baby's nose.

If you have the heat on in the house, it can cause the baby to have a stuffy nose and even a dry cough. My pediatrician recommends that whenever the heat is on in the home, you should always use a cool mist humidifier when the baby sleeps.

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