Constantly Moving His Legs

by Debra

My grandson is constantly moving his legs when lying down or in a seated position in someone's lap. You'd almost think he's creating enough friction to start a campfire! His arms just fly around too most of the time when this is going on.

Does this sound like a nervous action maybe caused from something going on that's aggravating him physically? He has some eczema on his face and a few other spots which is treated with hydrocortizone. I've wondered if his formula is not right for him. His bowel movements are infrequent.

He only drinks about 6 ounces when fed. You still have to burp him after 3 ounces to help prevent him spitting up so much. He sleeps well at night. What's your opinion?

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Busy baby
by: Anonymous

From what you say it sounds as though this is just a rather busy baby.

My younger daughter used to be a relaxed child; would breast feed long and at her ease. My second daughter always seemed as though she had to finish off her feed in 7 minutes flat because she had a plane to catch.

If the baby appears to be moving too much you should get a medical opinion, but sometimes it just so happens that baby X is more fidgety than baby Y.

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