Crawling Too Early

by Helen
(Augusta, ME USA)

Is is a bad thing that my 6 week old has started to crawl? Wondering if there is any harm in this?

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Regarding crawling
by: jessi

I saw your post regarding crawling and immediate thought of my 2 week old. She has amazing neck control (since birth), and while laying belly to belly with me, she commando crawls up my belly. Obviously she's not crawling the conventional way yet. But I was curious how your 6 week old crawls - commando(with arms), conventional (with knees and arms), or with feet and arms?

Sorry but...
by: Tanya

Sorry, but I don't what you're seeing is a crawling movement. At 6 WEEKS old that doesn't make sense. Your baby would be on Oprah or something if that was the case.

by: Anonymous

That's amazing!

But, are the baby's bones and joints strong enough to support her or his own weight at this age? I do suggest you visit your pediatrician.

Probably No Harm
by: courtney

I don't see any harm in it. Babies start things at different ages.

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