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I have a few concerns regarding my grandchild's crawling way. She just started crawling and I'm concerned that there is something wrong with her left leg. When she crawls her left leg is positioned like a sitting yoga position, but the right leg she uses correctly for crawling. When she crawls on her left leg it is actually her shin that she is using to crawl on. Should I be concerned. It's only been two weeks since she started crawling. Should I give her more time to get used to the art of crawling?

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Baby crawling way

This peculiar baby crawling way is only one of those I have seen a number of perfectly healthy babies do. It seems to be quite an effective way of getting about. Your granddaughter has only been crawling a very short time so she is perhaps still experimenting. Does the left leg appear the same size as the right with equal muscle development? If so, there is probably nothing to worry about. If you continue to be concerned in a few weeks time, then ask your pediatrician if they think a basic neurological examination is needed. But really it is highly likely that this is just a way of getting around which suits your granddaughter at this period in her development.

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