Cries For Everything

My daughter is now 14 months old and cries for everything. If we walk her in the opposite direction of where she wants to go, she cries. If we give her supper, she cries. And she does the same thing when we are sitting at the table. When we put her to bed and take something away from her that she can't play with, the same thing happens.

I have checked to see if it is perhaps her teeth, a pain somewhere, her stomach, but everthing seems to be fine.

A friend said that it is just because she is spoiled. If so, then how would I get her out of this habit. My husband and I are highly stressed and we are not sure on what else to try?
She has everything she needs and there is nothing wrong with her health. What can we do?

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Does she get everything
by: Anonymous

Does she get everything she wants after crying? If so, she has formed an association between crying and getting what she wants. In this case she gently but firmly needs to be made to understand that golden rule ? No means No; and No does not mean Yes if you cry long enough.

Also it could be that that your child is struggling to communicate. Does she speak much? Maybe this crying is a way of communicating or just frustration at an inability to do so?

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