How To Easily Cut Baby Toy Expenses

By Dalene Joubert

Today we look at how
You can cut baby toy expenses by carefully selecting ones that can be grown, expanded or added to. 

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Some of the best value for money toys you will ever buy is one which can be grown, added to or expanded.

Many of the construction toys like Duplo fall into this category. And the great thing is, Duplo has been so designed that Lego blocks (for older children) are exactly half a Duplo block size and fit neatly on the larger blocks.

What this means is the lifetime of your blocks are greatly expanded. Your kids will play with them for many years to come.

Also, many of the add-ons like little people and houses makes not only the Duplo, but also the Lego sets so much more versatile.

One of the reasons why Barbie dolls are still so popular is the ongoing expansion of the range of things to add to the dolls.

Even simple toys such as wooden blocks are very popular ones which can be significantly expanded.

Babies and children usually play with renewed enthusiasm with any new plaything. The same rule applies to any additions to existing range they already have.

One final thing that's great about these types of toys is, even if one or more parts are lost, the toy is still fully functional and still provides the same learning value as before.

So, for cutting baby toy expenses few things work so well as selecting ones that can be expanded or added to.

Until next time, God bless!

Dalene Joubert

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