About Dalene Joubert Occupational Therapist

Dalene Joubert Occupational Therapist

I am Dalene Joubert occupational therapist who have been enjoying the company of children since 1986… especially the company of newborns to about 10 years old.

What I do

My joy is helping children to completely develop their natural abilities and skills and reach full potential. This is my passion, what I studied and what I have been doing my whole working life. And will hopefully do for years to come!

Why I love what I do

Of course things get hectic and crazy sometimes, but hey, I simply love kid honesty, their fun and the hilarious things they say.

So that's why I do exciting and fun things to help the little ones. It encourages and teaches them while unlocking their full potential. And they hardly ever think of it as "learning" or “therapy”.

In fact, many kids simply say they're coming to play! And that’s really what I’d like to accomplish 

Make no mistake, I definitely do not claim to know everything. That is simply impossible. But over the years I have tried and learned quite a few things that work. And some that don't. These are the kind of things I share with you here and at home.

Some of the ideas and opinions you may find useful. Others you may already know.

Either way, one thing I do know… I can still learn a lot from others. That's why I would really like to hear from you. Please let me know when you have a great idea, tip or simply a comment or suggestion.

But, if you'd like to visit or come see me personally, you can always reach me here:

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56 Grey Street
Trichardt 2300
South Africa


P.O. Box 438
Trichardt 2300
South Africa

All the best and may your child have a great future,

Dalene Joubert

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