Dangerous Falls

My son is one year and five months old and sometimes takes a few dangerous falls. Altough he is a well-balanced walker, he sometimes trips over his own legs and falls down.

My biggest concern is that he hardly uses his hands to protect himself. For that reason, he badly injured his forehead once. How do I help him realize he has hands to use?

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Ideas For Preventing Dangerous Falls
by: Dalene

It would be interesting to hear whether your baby crawled. What you see is often found in babies who never crawled.

One of the most important things you need to do now is to encourage using his arms and hands... and maybe to encourage crawling. Encouraging him to crawl will automatically teach him to use his arms when falling.

Here are a few things you can try to encourage him to use his arms and hands.

Big ball
One of the very best techniques is to use a big ball or roller, say 18 inches (50 cm) in diameter. While holding your baby, lay him down on his tummy on the big ball. Gently lower him over the ball towards the floor. Most kids instinctively stretch our their arms as if to protect themselves. This is precisely what you plan to teach with this technique.

Play against a vertical surface
Another thing you can try is to put your baby on his knees close to a vertical surface like a glass door or kitchen freezer. Put a few magnetic toys against the freezer and encourage him to play with them against the vertical surface. On the glass door you can use any sticky object or toy to get the same effect.

In some cases I've found that the baby isn't interested in playing with the magnets (I use a filing cabinet to practise this technique). If this happens, use a bit of syrup and spread it on the cabinet, glass door or filing cabinet. It always works, but may be a bit messy

If you run out of ideas to encourage him to crawl, also try the
obstacle course
and towel technique described elsewhere.

These are just a few techniques I also describe here.

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