Development Of A 6 Month Old

by Katie
(North Carolina)

I have a few concerns about the development of a 6 month old little girl, Sara, I care for.

The first being that she has never rolled over. She is also unable to sit up. If I attempt to sit her up she tips over. Also, she does not support her weight on her legs. If I hold her under her arms and bounce her up and down on my legs her knees always stay bent. When she sits in her exercauser her legs are always bent. When laying on her back she does straighten and kick her legs.

She doesn't enjoy being on her tummy and is unable to lift her torso up using her arms. Her left arm stays straight by her side palm facing up.

Finally, she seems to at times not want to focus on a person’s face but will track a moving object just fine. She can say Dada and babbles. She also can smile. Sara reaches for toys and will immediately put them in her mouth. She can also wave, not at the right times yet, and is fascinated by her hands.

I'm not sure if I'm just being a worrywort...or if there is a reason for concern here. Please advise.

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Six Months Old
by: Anonymous

She is only six months old so I wouldn't worry about her inability to sit just yet, but the other skills that you said she doesn't have, could indicate a gross motor delay. Only a doctor could diagnose that.

If she isn't your child I would definitely mention your concern to her parents, but only bring it up once and then maybe ask to be informed if they decide to pursue the matter.

You said she SOMETIMES doesn't want to focus on a face. I am not sure how often she doesn't do this, but if it's just occasionally, then I wouldn't worry. Babies have so much to take in that she may just not be interested at that time.

I look at it this way, if I was in a new place and all these interesting things were going on around me, I would want to focus on that instead of the people that are around me all the time. If it happens frequently, then I would keep an eye on it and document your concerns.

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