Development Problems

by Junika
(Hoopstad, South Africa)

How can I figure out if there are any development problems with my relative's daughter? She is 16 months old now, but is still not walking or crawling correctly. She sits on her bum and moves like a "monkey" on her one leg and arm. She's still not talking or pointing at things either. I feel that there may be seriously problems, but do not want to say anything without an informed opinion.

Is there a simple way to find out if there are any development problems that should be taken care of?

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Bright Fun Walkers
by: Anonymous

Have you tried a nice fun walker that may intrigue her to push and walk behind it?

The ones that make noises work the best!

My baby's pediatrician say that some babies that don't seem to walk when others do may not have had enough belly time (when they were infants), which helps them grow strength in their neck, back, arms and legs which all play a big part in pulling themselves up and ultimately walking.

It sounds like your relatives' baby just needs some fun encouragement. I suggest you take the walker out into the yard or a playground. When she sees something exciting and wants to move and knows the walker is there to support her, she will move!

Oh and one more thing, try not to pick her up so much. Babies will soon realize that they can move more with freedom on their own.

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