Different twin

by Connery

My fourteen week old son is the second born of a twin birth. We are concerned he may be suffering from problems other than acute reflux.

He bobs his head, waves his arms and legs almost constantly. And his weight gain is not normal, but simply worrying as he only put on 2.5 ounces over the last week and a half.

He does not make and hold eye contact like his brother does.

We have taken him to the pediatrician who inadvertently causes us more anxious by asking volumes of questions, but gives no answers and have asked for an in-patient observation session.

We would like to know if this has been encountered before by anyone.

We are worried our son could be seriously autistic or something.

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Tip for different twin
by: Anonymous

Having another baby of the same age makes it very hard not to compare. I understand your concern and worry.

I assume your babies were born a bit prematurely. What would then be their adjusted age - consider this.

Before the age of 4 months your baby still have allot of reflexes present as the spine is still in control of movements, so they may be jerky and without purpose. You however know your baby best, if you are not getting the answers that put your mind at ease seek help from a different doctor.

Tip: Before you go for a visit, write down all your concerns. Write your questions down as well, because 9 times out of 10 you forget what you wanted to ask... and the relevant details. Good Luck

Unnecessary stress
by: Anonymous

You may perhaps be weighing your second twin rather obsessively and more often than necessary ? this is probably causing you a lot of unnecessary stress.

As far as common wisdom goes, autism symptoms usually manifest after 6 months of age. Typical signs are if a baby is not smiling by that age, or not babbling at age one, or saying their first word by age 16 months, and so on.

So just be strong and try not to get so stressed out.

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