Does My Baby Weigh Too Much

by Priti

Does my baby weigh too much? My 19 month is 32 inch (80cm) tall and now weighs 17 kg (37.4 lbs)? Is his weight too much? Apart from checking on development charts, is there any other way of knowing?

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Baby Development Charts
by: Margaret Watson

The baby development charts aren't the ultimate answer. Although your son is of average height, he does come above average as far as his weight is concerned. But there are other factors to consider such as the height and weight of his parents.

Most, but not all children, end up being somewhere in weight and height between that of their parents. Was he a large baby when born? Is he eating the correct amount? A rough guide per meal is one tablespoon per year of age, which may seem quite a small amount to you, but is plenty for a toddler.

Don't let the high carbohydrate snack habit take over. Talk to other parents. How much are their children eating at this age? Your local clinic should have leaflets about food for toddlers. Above all don't let food and worrying about it rule your lives. If your son was grossly overweight your pediatrician or health visitor would probably have raised the subject by now.

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