Does Not Answer

My 13 month old son does not answer to his name all the time. But when you say, for example "look what Mommy has" he will answer.

He walked early, talked early, and continues to do so. His vocabulary includes, mom, dad, ta-ta, quack-quack, up. He also understands when I tell him it's bath time. He will then run to the tub. When its supper time he will run for his high chair. Is this something I should worry about?

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Baby's Name
by: Anonymous

Will not answer to his name, but looks when you say ?look what mommy has?? Hmmm sounds like opportunism! He responds when he wants to; thinks it may be something interesting for him and ignores the rest, perhaps.

Or it could be that if you use a lot of endearments for him as well as his name, he may yet not be clear in his mind what exactly his name is. My older daughter whom I used to call by a certain pet name, would reply with that pet name when she was asked what her name was.

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