Does Not Crawl On His Tummy Yet

by Jenny

My baby is coming to 6 months old, but does not crawl on his tummy yet. He has just learned to turn to his tummy the last 2 weeks. According to my friends, their babies, which are younger than mine, already started to crawl on their tummies.

Is my baby's development normal or is he a slow learner or is this development still normal?

I have also started to wean my baby. As he's unable to sit on his own yet, should I feed him while lying down or prop him up with pillows?

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Baby sit
by: Anonymous

Make the baby sit as often as possible with support. And try leaving her alone fora few seconds. One day she will be able to sit without any support. Gradually increase the periods for sitting alone.

Baby is just fine
by: Jamie

Your baby is just fine! The majority of babies don't even crawl until after 8 months. My daughter is over nine months, and she doesn't crawl at all. Dr says she is perfectly fine. She's also very content just sitting. Furthermore, babies have to master sitting before they can even think of crawling. If he's not sitting quite yet, then you can't expect him to crawl. I would turn my focus to encouraging him to sit on his own. Hope this helps!

*** Comment by Dalene ***
Yes, sound advice Jamie! You may also want to get a better ?feel? for how your baby is doing by tracking her progress on the Baby
Development Chart
which you can find by clicking the link. Download and print the chart, read the case studies to get a feel for how to use the chart, and see how your child is doing. You will notice that his crawling development is still nothing to worry about.

Babies Learn At Different Rates
by: Courtney K

Give him some time. All babies learn at different rates. I wouldn't say that he is a slow learner, all babies are different. I would not try to wean him just yet. Give him a little bit longer before you start weaning him unless you are breast feeding. Even then, you still may want to wait a while. If you are still concerned, ask your pediatrician!

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