Does Not Crawl

My baby is 17 months old and she does not crawl yet. She started sitting without support at 10 months and getting up by herself at 13 months. Her pediatrician says she has low muscle tone. Slowly and gradually she is developing her muscles strength.

On other side it seems like she is very smart. She understands everything. I would be very thankful if you can tell me some exercises and nutritional food I can use to improve this situation.

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Late Crawling
by: Janis

Your baby seems to be late crawling! Give her lots of tummy time and place things just out of her reach so she has to strain a bit to get them. Crawl next to her and roll her over left and right to see how she likes it. Place her on her knees and make a game out of it.

Using an exercise ball is also good - place her on her tummy and roll her forwards to reach for things on the floor. Bounce her around left to right and front to back sitting up on the ball (if her head is strong enough!) to strengthen her muscles.

Maybe try extra fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and vegetable proteins in her diet for a bit. Leave out too much fatty/sugary food.

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