Does not reach for things

My son will be 6 months in 11 days, but does not reach for things. He was 4 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in Intensive Care Unit. I think he is progressing fine, but when I look at him and compare him to others his age, he is DEFINITELY not on their page.

Most other same age kids are reaching for things and bringing them towards them, grasping onto objects with a good degree of control, and maneuvering themselves using any combination of hands, legs, rolls, 1/2 crawls, etc.

My son just stares at toys in front of him, with no desire or ability to reach for them. Anyone else's baby behind in this? I guess the skill would be called 'willful movement.'

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Reaching for things
by: Anonymous

Though no expert about preemies, I believe that they do take time to catch up with other babies who are born at full term.

In that sense you should perhaps be looking for developmental milestones that are appropriate for a five month old baby - can your baby stretch out the arms and legs while lying on the stomach and hold up his head without support and so on? Does he take an interest in himself when he looks in the mirror?

If he is not reaching for things it could just be that he is not interested in them right now. If so, he will do so in his own time.

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