Does Tummy Time

by Karina Orel
(Sauges, California)

My baby is six months and does tummy time, but for only 5 min at a time. After her 6month check up yesterday the doctor said to bring her to the clinic in 4 weeks if she still not rolling over yet. Any reason why she is concerned?

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Roll Over
by: Margaret Watson

By six months of age, most babies can roll over from front to back, and in some cases from back to front, but can only do so if their muscles are developed enough to allow them to do so.

When you put the baby on her tummy does she lift her head up and push up with her arms? If so rolling won't be far behind. Is she within normal weight limits? Was she born at full term? Your pediatrician is quite correct to say wait a little longer. Meanwhile enjoy the things your daughter can do.

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