Doesn't Crawl

by Unnamed
(Atlanta, GA)

My daughter is 9.5 months and doesn't crawl or make any attempt to crawl. She occasionally rolls onto her back but other than that nothing. She stand when you hold her hands... but makes absolutely no attempt to walk. If you try to move her forward she just drags her feet. She was born about a month early. Is there something wrong with her? What can I do to improve things?

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Baby Crawling Development
by: Anonymous

You say about baby crawling development, but you don't specifically mention if you baby can sit. If she's not, maybe get a Bumbo Seat for her. They work very well! My son was sitting unaided at 5months, and I had him sit in the Bumbo seat 3 times a day for a couple of minutes till he wanted out.

I also had trouble with my son to crawl (the same one who was sitting so early!). At 9 months he only started to roll onto his back/tummy.

But I got a great baby crawling development idea off this site (look at the stretching exercise):

Imagine your baby (in sitting) in the middle of a clock with 12 o'clock being right in front of him, 3 o'clock on his right side and 9 o'clock on his left side. Then place a toy in the 10:30 position. Put it far enough so she can't just reach over and grab it, but have to use her left hand to push on and grab the toy with her right hand. Do the same to the other side by putting the toy at 01:30 o'clock.

My son was a little genius at not bearing weight on his arms! He would crane himself over to the side (no matter how far I put the toy) to reach the toy with the left hand (if it was at the 10:30 position).

But I would then take his left hand, push it down on the floor beside him and take his right hand to reach for the toy. Eventually he did this on his own. And in no time my baby was crawling!

You also have to remember that your baby was born 1 month early, so she is actually only 8.5 months old. Most important, keep trying.

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