Drinking Formula

My 2 months old grandson has been drinking formula. But the doctor changed his formula about a month ago because it was giving him lots of gas and vomiting. He initially did well on the new formula, but was bringing it up again. Now he doesn't want to eat, but is not losing any weight. He is very fussy and stays up all day, taking 5 to 10 minutes naps, but fortunately sleep all night. The doctor recons that it is Ok. Can you give us some kind of advice what might be wrong?

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Getting Enough To Eat
by: Margaret Watson

If your grandson isn?t losing weight he is getting enough to eat. You say he brings it back, but is this just a mouthful or a whole feed? It is probably less than you think. I suggest his parents weigh him occasionally by standing on the scales with him before a feed and then, before changing his nappy doing this again at the end of a feed. This will allow them to see how much he actually drinks.

He is at an age when he is beginning to have his own opinions about such matters as feeding and sleeping. Try not to let bad habits develop. They should use blackout material to make curtains that completely block out the light, lay him down and say gently but firmly - sleep time. If they have to go back in they should repeat this the first time, but after that settle him silently. At this age he should have a short nap after breakfast - leaving this too long can mean a restless time later. If the vomiting really is a problem they should back to your doctor.

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