Ear Infections And Stopped Talking

by Lanelane

Are ear infections and stopped talking related? My son had a series of ear infections, some severe and some mild, since he's been only a few weeks old. He just turned 16 months old. He also got tubes in his ears at 5 months, but he still gets some pretty bad infections.

So far his development was fine. He was saying about 5-10 world by the time he was 13-14 months old, but now he says no real words at all. Not even the basic 'mama' & 'dada'.

Since he quit saying real words, he twice woke woke up with his ear draining severly. He mumbles and talks in his own little language all the time. He just says no real words.

Do you think that the two incidents are connected or do you think that there is an underling cause for his lack of words?

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Get specialist opinion
by: Katrina

It is always a possibility that he has stopped talking because he cannot hear properly. If we couldn't hear ourselves, we wouldn't talk as much.

To go from saying a few words well and with meaning to no words at all is a little unusual. Its always better to err on the side of caution and get him checked out by a specialist.

If there does turn out to be a problem with his ears you will be glad your got help so early. On the other hand, if there isn't anything wrong you can at least be satisfied his unwillingness to talk is a normal part of his development.

No possible way
by: Courtney K

I do not believe they are connected in any possible way. The vocal cords and ear drainage do not connect in anyway. He has just stopped talking because sometimes infants start and stop things for no apparent reason. However if you are still concerned, consult your pediatrician.

Baby Stopped Talking
by: Monica

I don't think that your baby stopped talking and the ear infections are related. Sometimes kids start something and they stop all of a sudden for no obvious reason. There may be another cause for this, but it doesn't seem like an ear infection is the cause.

So, encourage him to talk more. You can probably spend some extra time talking to him so he can get into the mode of talking again.

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