Early crawler

by Ellaine
(Durban- SA)

My baby seems to be an early crawler. He started moving on his knees and crawling from about 2 months. He is now 4 months old and crawls very well. Should I be concerned? Is this not too early?

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More crawling
by: Danielle W.A

I have been told and also read that crawling develops the Maths and Science side of the brain. So I like to believe and encourage the more Crawling the better.

Rapid development

Most parents write in because they are worried about slow rather than rapid development. My oldest daughter was also an early crawler despite being a little premature. Lighter babies tend to crawl a little earlier than those who are overweight. If your son can do it then he will. And no harm done. Just make sure you are prepared. My daughter was walking round the furniture by 7 months and freely before 10 months, when she also began climbing. You need to make the house as safe as possible with stair gates etc, but also remove harmful or breakable thing from low levels. Meanwhile just enjoy the athletic triumphs.

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