Encourage Baby to sit

I found a medium size exercise ball can encourage Baby to sit. What I do is this: I sit on the couch and trap the ball on the floor between the couch and my feet so it can't roll at all. Then I put the baby in sitting position on top of the ball, with his back to me. Hang on to the baby's hands very very securely in case your feet accidentally move out of position. Help the baby sit and then try a little sliding, just slightly from side to side (move your feet a few inches out so the ball can roll only an inch or two before it will be stopped by your feet.) You can see his trunk muscles get a fun but good workout. My baby (grandchild actually) also likes to bounce ever so slightly up and down - laughing - while in the sitting bouncing position.

Next I used a smaller exercise ball and did the same thing.

Then I used an even smaller ball that was like an exercise ball but I got it at the dollar store. It is just the right height for him to sit on, with his feet still touching the floor. I do the same thing as before. This time instead of sitting on the couch, I sit on the floor with my legs tucked under me (kind of like kneeling to pray). I trap the ball between my legs securely. Holding his hands, with his back to me as before, he goes from sitting on the ball to leaning forward and that puts him in a standing position! Then I pull back slightly and he sits back down on the ball and I roll it back a couple of inches so he is sitting on the very top of the ball. It gives the feeling of rolling then sitting and then standing. In a couple of weeks we have seen a lot of improvement not only in sitting, but he can stand better (still with help though) than before we started this. I still use the 3 different sizes of balls, a couple of times each week, because he seems to love them all.

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