Essential Items for Bringing your Baby Home

by Lona Washington
(Rhode Island)

The excitement of the news that a new baby is imminent, quickly moves to reality when you take stock of what baby items you have, if any. As a new parent, this can be overwhelming. A new baby is not just a small adult. They are fragile and look to you for everything. This includes feeding, diapering and comfort as well as an understanding of what each cry means. To a first time parent, this can be a daunting realization.

A quick pass through any baby store is enough to send even the most resourceful parent looking for a shoulder to cry on. Strollers, cribs, mobiles, car seats, highchairs and changing tables all seem to speak "take me" in every department. Diapers, sheets, blankets, bath towels and teething rings bombard your mind and threaten to unleash the irrational parts of your emotional roller coaster. The word to remember is essential. Regardless of your budget, some baby things are a must have. These can be bought new, second hand or given to you by sisters or cousins.

The word essential can be defined as basic, indispensable or necessary. Therefore, as you think of each item needed for the nursery, think do I really need this or is it a "would like to have." First and foremost to consider, would be how much space you will have in the nursery area. Next would be to establish a budget. Matching curtains and coordinating colors to match your nursery decor would be nice if money is no problem. When considering what type of furnishings you want, practicality and safety should come before style. Essential furnishings would be a safe place for the child to sleep. A new crib or one passed down to you is great. As with all baby furnishings, check it for safety. Another essential item would be a place for storage. This could be a chest of drawers or shelving unit. A changing table would be nice. Some of the newer ones have space for storage.

Other things that would be considered essential, are the baby's first wardrobe. Considering that babies sometimes need changed 3or 4 times a day, 6 to 8 of the following would be a good start. Undershirts with open-front or pullovers with snap-bottoms, nightgowns with drawstring bottoms, a couple of blanket sleepers for winter babies, washable bibs, stretch socks, and one piece rompers with feet and snaps down the front, are necessary to help with added stress the first few days.

Other necessities would include feeding supplies. You will need the essentials for each type of feeding regardless of whether you breast or bottle feed. The new arrival will also need receiving blankets, water proof pads and of coarse lots of diapers and wipes.

Having all of these ready weeks before the birth will give you a peace of mind. You will need the assurance that everything is ready when the time comes. Knowing your nursery is complete and your baby's "nest" is just the way you want it, will keep you calm and assured when you come through the front door with your brand new baby.

Lona is the loving parent of two children and enjoys writing about situations that parents are faced with along the way. Lona would like for you to take a look at her Baby Crib Bedding Sets as well as her Glenna Jean Crib Bedding.

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