Falls All The Time

by Jesssica Arias
(Los Angeles, CA)

My 21 month old son falls all the time. Why does this happen? What can be the cause? And more important, what can I do to help him get over this problem?

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Toddlers Fall
by: Courtney K

There is no apparent reason why toddlers fall. All toddlers at some point fall. That is how they learn to walk. They are very clumsy. The question is whether your child is falling more than other kids of the same age.

Toddlers Fall Over
by: Margaret Watson

Toddlers fall over really often, so is what you see within the normal limits or excessive? Visit a mom's and toddlers group and take a look at what other boys his age do. How long has he been walking?

Does he fall because he is rushing about and not taking care? That is perfectly normal in young boys. Observe him closely. If he always falls in one particular direction, he may have an ear problem which is affecting his balance. Is his muscle tone normal or floppy? Is this a new development or has your son always fallen over? Does he have weak ankles which cause him to trip? If the answer to any of these latter questions is yes then I suggest a visit to a pediatrician.

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