Fisher Price Rock A Stack

Fisher Price Rock A Stack

Not only is the the Fisher Price Rock A Stack a highly popular baby toy, but it fills an important role in playfully helping and encouraging baby development. So, let's look at how this toy fits into our baby's development.

Most of us buy toys for our kids in the hope of turning them into Einstein. Hand eye co- ordination, color recognition, sensory feels and blah blah blah. What is worse is that most of us also force our children to play with the toy in a particular set fashion.

Fisher Price Rock A Stack

First of all, you can't go wrong with the price - period. It's a great toy and I find my son constantly making this toy a favorite choice. He loves the rings and the primary colors seem to provide good visual stimulation. Because of the stacking order the child learns logic as well as develops their memory skills. The toy is durable, easy to clean and is good for teething. However, I would suggest to anyone that if they find that their child has enough teeth to break through the plastic and find that their child continually chews through the product that they discontinue use. No toy should be teethed on to the point of damage as small bits could break off and pose a choking hazard. So far this toy seems far from a problem such as the one described above and I would highly recommend it. The rings and base are light in weight and won't cause injury if dropped on a little toe. Again, for the price you absolutely can not go wrong with this product!

So, if your child wants to stack puzzle pieces, then someone well meaning will probably jump up to ‘teach’ her the ‘right’ way to play with the toy.

Even something as simple as the Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack toy can open several doors in your child’s mind, given of course that you do not stand in the way. Many a time parents disregard just how this simple battery-less toy can teach our children.

The good thing is that it seems to have all the aspects of a good educational toy.

Fisher Price Rock A Stack

Physical Skills

The basic idea of the stack is to let the child pull out the rings from the cone that is set on a rocking base and then try and put them all back in. Indeed for a toddler, this can be quite a task and undertaking it repeatedly ensures that the toddler practices:

  • her hand co- ordination and...

  • also learns a bit about how balancing works

The task of pulling the rings out requires a certain force from the kid, while the same force in reverse is needed for putting the rings back in place. This is very important in helping the child achieve control over her gross motor skills in more ways that one.

The rocking base adds challenge to the task, which is what allows the child a sense of pride once she has managed to get the job done. Indeed, all very important lessons but delivered in a very subtle manner.  

Fisher Price Rock A Stack

Sensory Skills

Even when it comes to stimulating the visual senses of the child, the stack does a very good job. The rings are all made of primary colors and each one is in the same circular shape. The child is not confused by a hotchpotch of purples and oranges with reds and magentas, but rather very simple and bold single colors. 

Fisher Price Rock A Stack

Safety Issues

The rings have been made of soft and washable plastic so even if your kid gets it in her mouth there is not much to worry about.

Let her learn about the various textures and how they feel.

There are times when parents become over cautious and actually prevent their children from learning newer concepts.

Of course, the safety of the child is primary, but yelping out if the kid bites on one of the rings is hardly necessary. Infants will try and bite onto things in order to feel their texture and one simply needs to let them figure out these things on their own.  

Fisher Price Rock A Stack

Learning Aids

The stack is also a wonderful way to introduce the concept of memory to the kid.

Over time she will learn to remember the right chronological order of the rings and fit them into the cone all in one go. This is very helpful in building the memory of the child.

It is also true that sooner or later your kid will also figure out that the largest ring will need to be put in first and the smaller ones after that and this will develop her logical analysis of things even more. 

Fisher Price Rock A Stack Summary

As I know now, toys don’t need to be complicated and battery operated or very expensive in order to serve as over all entertainment and educational tools for our children.

Our kids learn from all the things that they are exposed to and simply letting them draw their own conclusions and realize their own goals is the best gift we can give to them.

In this regard the Rock-A-Stack is a simple, effective, fun learning toy for kids aged 6 months to about 2 years, maybe even a bit older.