Head Control

by Anonymous
(Iraq-Sulaimany City)

My baby is 3.5 months old, but does not have full head control yet. Is this still normal for a baby this age?

If it is normal now, then till what age it is normal for head control to be delayed? My baby is breast fed and was delivered at full term pregnancy by Caesarian section. If this is not normal, what are the things I should be doing right now?

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Head Controlling
by: Walaa

My baby is 3 months old now, and I've asked my pediatrician about this issue. He told me that she'll control her head around 4 months. But it is not the same for all babies. Nevertheless, you must put her on her belly a lot. With this in mind, it will help to speed controlling her head. If her weight is normal you can then start teaching her to sit.

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