Help My Baby Talk

by Carrie

Can you suggest anything to help my baby talk?

I have three children. All boys who are 4, 3, and 16months. My others boys have always developed according to how they should. My youngest just started walking and is still only taking a few steps at a time. But he is not talking at all. He will make noises and shakes his head, but has never said a word. He has said da... da, but he was never saying it while talking about daddy.

I know all children are different and I am not worried about him. I just wonder if there is any thing different about him. He also has milk and egg allergies. The only one of my boys with those also. Anything you can suggest to help him talk?

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Start speaking
by: Reena

There are 2 different views for babies to start speaking. You are right about all babies being different and doing things at their own speed, of course. Being with two other siblings (as in your case) would usually be enough stimulation and interaction for a baby to start to speak I would have thought.

But there is also another theory... if baby gets waited on hand and foot, has his every demand met before having to articulate it, then he feels no need to hurry up and start speaking.

Sometimes they need to be prodded into making the effort to start speaking.

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