Help with baby crawling

My son is nearly 9 months old and not crawling yet. Is there anything that will help with baby crawling?

He pushes up onto all fours, holds his own weight and can rock. He goes ahead to move his arms (as if wanting to crawl), but his knees don't follow... so he falls onto his tummy. He then merely pulls himself along on his tummy to get to his toy.

Since he gets around this way, it seems as if he is content and not bothered about crawling on his knees.

Is there anything I can do to help him get his legs going and start crawling properly?

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Help with baby crawling
by: Dalene

You are seeing the first signs of normal crawling. Your baby will in all probability start crawling by the time you read this response. Nevertheless, from what you're describing it sounds as if he needs a bit more strength in his arms and upper body.

So, here are a few things you can try to encourage him to crawl:

Hold his feet
Stand him on all fours as he is doing now. This is the typical starting point for crawling. My first suggestions would be for you to sit close to his feet. Hold his feet down so he can't move them backwards or can't straighten his legs backwards. You can position your baby's feet against a wall or other solid object to help.

Bathroom towel
Another trick is to use a big bathroom towel. Put your child in the crawling position. Wrap the towel under his tummy while he is on all fours and hold the towel ends in each of your hands. Now, suspend and slightly lift him with the towel. If you now move the towel slightly forward you are effectively forcing him to move his legs and arms to repond. At the same time he is not taking full weight on his arms since you are supporting him slightly with the towel.

Bouncing on bed
OK, here is something else you can try. Put your baby on all fours on bed - while you are there. Please take care with this exercise. Bounce him up and down by pushing down on the matress and letting go. This is usually and easy and entertaining exercise to strengthen his arms.

I'd be very surprized if don't get results fast with these 3 techniques.

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