4 Fun Toys to Help Baby Crawl

4 Fun toys to help baby crawl

Most parents unintentionally, yet sadly, rarely consider toys to help Baby crawl. In fact, most folks instinctively think of things like:

A general playing position to encourage and help baby crawl.

One great way to encourage crawling is to raise your child's upper body... a typical 'crawling-trigger' position. This is achieved by positioning your child on a 'roller'-type structure. The toys described here do this playfully.

But the fun way that I'd like to focus on here, is using the right toys and positions to get your baby mobile.


One of the big reason why I like to use toys to help Baby crawl, is that I easily get results. And I do it in a fun way. And of course, babies don't complain either!

Why do these toys work?

Some of the basic reasons why these toys work is that they encourage, stimulate or strengthen specific muscles or positions which have been shown to help baby crawl. Most of them promote the position in the included crawling picture. So, the main idea with the toys listed below is to encourage this 'crawling-trigger' position.


But, enough of that.


Let's look at the short write-ups of 4 toys that playfully encourage and help Baby crawl.


4 Fun toys to help baby crawl

2-in-1 Tummy Time Gym

the Tummy Time Gym is one of 4 great toys to help baby crawl

The Tummy Time Gym in the horizontal position is a very effective aid to stimulate tummy time and help baby crawl.

Today's generation seems to be all about instant gratification. The youngsters have a 30 second attention span and anything that does not deliver immediately is thrown away. This is why I find it absolutely impossible to buy toys for kids these days. No matter what you pick and how much it costs, it is most likely going to entertain children for no more than the time it takes to blink.


So, I was not very hopeful when I went to Toys R Us to pick something out for my sister’s four month old boy, who I was visiting on my way to a course.


The salesman showed me the Playskool 2-in-1 Tummy Time Gym and mentioned that it was selling like hot cakes.


I’ll tell you what made me buy the gym. It was easily foldable, so I though my sister will not have trouble storing it. It came with a volume control, so I presumed she will not curse me when the so called ‘lovely songs’ play on and on while she works. And last but not the least, it fit well my budget.


You are right; none of these reasons were from the child’s point of view. My defense; the baby is not going to play much with it in any case.


I visited, saw the baby, gave the present and left the next morning for my three week course. It was on my way back that I saw my nephew, Tudor play with the Playskool 2-in-1 Tummy Time Gym and was very pleasantly surprised to say the least.


Apart from helping Baby crawl, the Tummy Time Gym is also great for stimulation when Baby is on her back

The Tummy Time Gym can also be turned vertically, thereby offering great stimulation to infants lying on their backs.

He would lie on his tummy and play with the gym for hours at a stretch. My sister said that all she needed to do was tap the bee or the butterfly placed on the gym and Tudor’s world would get filled with music, light and sound. All these auditory and visual stimulations combined perfectly to not only grab the baby’s initial attention but also keep it held for long periods of time.


I wondered why the toy was faring so well with my 4 month old nephew.


Apparently the range of music offered by the Playskool 2-in-1 Tummy Time Gym is so extensive that it does not seem repetitive to the baby. There are over 10 baby songs and right from the fast tempo ones to the slower soothing types, the gym offered it all.


There is a baby safe mirror that has been provided to allow the baby to play pee-ka-boo with his/her own image, while the dangling toys make for great props that help drive the cause and effect point home, along with teaching the child lessons in gross motor control.


I could see why the Playskool 2-in-1 Tummy Time Gym was faring so well at toy stores. It serves very well as a tummy time play tool and works perfectly for times when the baby is on his back.


The Playskool 2-in-1 Tummy Time Gym turned out to be much more successful than I had anticipated and my sister ended up praising me for the ideal gift from both the baby’s point of view as well as hers. I of course accepted graciously and did not tell her that I had never thought it would be such an ideal buy.

Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat

the Tummy Zone Developmental Mat naturally positions your baby in the 'crawling-trigger' way... which is great for encouraging crawling

The Tummy Zone Developmental Mat naturally positions your baby in the 'crawling-trigger' way... which is great to help baby crawl.

Physical development and mental stimulation must go hand in hand when looking to achieve at a holistic development for a baby. This is why it is important to choose toys that stimulate the mind also, even if their primary motive is to encourage physical development.


The Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat is a one such toy that though designed for the child’s physical needs, caters to the mental stimulation of the baby too.


The main purpose of the Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat is to help in keeping a child propped up when she is on her tummy, so as to encourage and help baby crawl.


What is commendable is that the mat is able to achieve its purpose without endangering the baby at all. Since the toy is designed for infants up to the age of 2 years, the manufactures have given great attention to the safety aspect of the mat. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this machine washable mat is easy to maintain and yet does not irritate the skin of the baby while she plays on the mat. T


he mat is the ideal size and even a larger baby fits well in this 32 X 18 mat. The mat is only 4 inches off high and this ensures that even in cases where the baby rolls off the mat, chances of injury are negligible. The mat is soft and comfortable and has absolutely no small parts that the baby can choke on or hurt herself with.


The comfort provided by the mat makes it enjoyable for your baby to lie on it while the safety issue is a huge plus.


The Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat works effectively too. The tummy zone wedge provides the ideal support to your baby’s tummy without straining his or her back at all. This angle is very important to help baby crawl and therefore is a huge physical stimulant for your child.


The kick stabilizer bolster at the rear end of the mat invites the baby to kick her legs. Apart from strengthening the leg muscles, this activity also teaches her how to use her legs during the crawling process.


It comes as no surprise then that the mat serves as a perfect prop to help baby crawl.


Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat does not ignore mental stimulation of the baby either. The interactive monkey keeps the baby interested while enhancing her auditory and sensory development by its rattling, crinkling and squeaking sounds.


The baby proof mirror on the mat is a huge attraction for the baby too, who can play pee-ka-boo with herself for several minutes while lying on the mat.


Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat is great for teaching your child hand eye co-ordination while also driving the point about cause and effect home. Definitely a holistic development prop for a child under 2 years of age andgreat to help baby crawl.

Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat

the Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat is another fun way to not only help Baby crawl, but also to give valuable overall stimulation

The Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat is another fun way to not only help Baby crawl, but also to give valuable overall stimulation.

A play mat is usually seen as a place where the child is able to entertain herself with a few toys while she lies on her tummy or back. However, the Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat does much more than just entertaining the baby for a few minutes while mummy does some household chores.  


The main motive of the Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat is to stimulate the various senses of the child and keep him or her propped up during this activity so as to help baby crawl. It is a fact that keeping infants propped up on their tummy helps them in crawling faster.


The Bright Starts mat seems to achieve this purpose without causing any discomfort to the baby and also providing her with a very safe environment.


The soft and padded Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat that is shaped like a car comes with two propped pillows. The larger one bears the steering wheel while the smaller one is designed to fit in perfectly under the tummy of the baby, which is incidentally great to help baby crawl.


Propped up your baby is able to move her arms freely and kick her legs comfortably. The free arm movement encourages both crawling and allows your child to explore the added on toys on the mat fully.


No child in the world will lie on her tummy propped up with nothing to do. The Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat is developed in keeping with this aspect.


Once your child is positioned comfortably, she will need activities to keep her there. The mat offers several.


The dashboard of the mat is very attractive and the baby can use both her hands to steer the wheel in both directions. This helps her to better her gross motor skills and also learn about cause and effect. The baby proof mirror is a huge pee-ka-boo attraction while the crinkle glove box and the rattles are good auditory stimulators.


Water filled teethers are a safe pass time for a baby who is going to pop out some teeth. There are fun links and a car shape link that can be used to add other toys if need be. The colors on the mat are interesting enough and yet do not burden the visual senses of the baby. So there is play on the other senses of the child too while targeting baby crawling skills the most.  


Right from tummy time play to sitting games, the Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat offers it all. The basic idea of the mat is to keep the baby occupied while she strengthens the muscles she requires for crawling.

The fact that the crawling aid doubles as a mat, makes it suitable even for kids who have learnt how to sit up and play. The mat does come across as an ideal way to help baby crawl while keeping her safe and offering her other stimulants too.

Sassy Me in the Mirror

The Sassy Me in the Mirror gives ample stimulation and attraction, thus allowing your child to get more tummy time... which helps to encourage crawling

The Sassy Me in the Mirror gives ample stimulation and attraction, thus allowing your child to get more tummy time... which helps to encourage crawling.

Even as adults we are pretty fascinated with mirrors, so it comes as no surprise then that babies seem to enjoy them tremendously. If you use this mirror right, it's also a great aid to help baby crawl.


My 3 month old would gurgle and laugh at her own image very often, but her exposure to the mirror was limited to the two minutes that I would hold her up in front of my dressing table. I guess my husband must have noticed how excited Diana was in front of a mirror, since he bought the Sassy Me in the Mirror on the way back from one of his work trips.


I must say one of my main concerns was safety. I was happy that the mirror would delight Diana but did not want to show it to her till I knew it was completely safe. And safe it was.


There is not a sharp edge or a pokey part in the entire toy. The mirror is baby proof and will not shatter into pieces even if it breaks. The decorations on the mirror are all soft and do not pose as choking hazards either. Once convinced, I decided to let Diana have a look.


She was delighted, to say the least. The large sized mirror showed my baby girl her full face reflection, which made her dizzy with happiness. The angle of the mirror is ideal for tummy time play and allows the baby to see her own image without straining her neck too much.


Over the weeks, we discovered that tying the Sassy Me in the Mirror to Diana’s crib allows her to enjoy the mirror even more. She would often fall off to sleep all on her own, simply by playing pee-ka-boo with her image in the mirror. One thing I particularly liked was that she seemed so interested in the mirror that she totally forgot about spending time on her tummy. And we know that is great to help baby crawl!


The colorful ribbons and toys on the mirror helped stimulate the sense of color in my baby. She loved the rattles attached to the mirror, but it was the musical bird which was no doubt her very favorite.


The Sassy me in the Mirror gives lots of entertainment and stimulation.

The Sassy Me in the Mirror gives lots of entertainment and stimulation in the 'tummy-trigger' position.

Both these toys helped build her auditory senses. Even 6 months after my husband got the Sassy Me in the Mirror; it still held Diana’s attention. She was able to move the mirror around on her own, which also worked well to help her understand the cause and effect relationship, along with helping her gain control of her motor skills.


The family picture that I put on the other side of the mirror that doubles up as a photo frame was rarely looked at by Diana. But she often showed her daddy his picture and smiled. Sassy Me in the Mirror no doubt proved to be a very entertaining toy for Diana.


But after her using it for all these months, I also realized that it did much more than just entertain her. It helped with various developmental aspects of her growing up years.


A small tip though, do clean the corners periodically with an ear bud since the dust does tend to accumulate here very often and this is the part most babies will put into their mouth too.

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