How much tummy time

by Danielle Pense

As a first time mum I was wondering how much Tummy Time should my child have? My child is 4 weeks old and was 4 weeks premature. How much of the time he is awake should be spent doing tummy time? Is there any affect of doing tummy time on his sleep pattern? Obviously we'd like to have a good night's sleep.

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Benefits of tummy time
by: Anonymous

As you may know one of biggest benefits of tummy time is to encourage your son to lift his head and strengthen his neck, chest and arm muscles. It also gives the back of the head a rest from pressure. It is usually recommended that there is 30 minutes of tummy time a day. If baby falls asleep while on his tummy then pick him up and lie him on his back. As he is only 4 weeks old you might have to wait a while before you get a whole nights sleep - but it will come.

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