How to Make a Baby Mobile for Fun, Learning and Saving Money!

How to make a baby mobile

Many parents still want to know how to make a baby mobile despite all the fancy, high-tech ones they can buy in baby shops.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Here is my conclusion.

Many years ago when our first son was born none of these fancy, colorful mobiles existed you nowadays see in baby shops. In fact, most of them were extremely dull, boring objects.

I cannot remember exactly why I wanted a different mobile for my baby at that time, but I do remember that saving money was one consideration.

So, in an attempt to save money and to teach and encourage a few skills, I looked around for how to make a baby mobile... but found little help. Desperately I decided to make one using everyday things I could easily find.

Since then I've learned that if you know how to make a baby mobile, you'll give your child a very good learning toy. Unfortunately few parents know how to make one or even what to look for when buying one.

The sad thing is that many parents still believe that commercial baby mobiles are far superior to homemade ones.

I say... "that's not true!"

A few unique advantages you'll only enjoy when you make your own baby mobile are…

  • You can vary and change how much stimulation your baby gets

  • Prevent your baby from losing interest and keep her attention, thus getting much more "play and learning value" from your mobile

  • It's a simple technique for increasing and growing visual stimulation

  • It gives you the right way to encourage grasping with one hand and using both hands together at a very early age, and…

  • No other baby mobile gives you the chance allows… discovering the texture and shape of the different objects

A primary objective of your baby's early learning process is to get several senses and skills to work together on one single thing. Typically these are seeing, feeling, tasting, reaching and hearing.

This baby mobile does all of these things… without costing you an arm and a leg.

How to Make a Baby Mobile in 8 Steps

Step 1: Find a long dowel rod (at least 12mm, ½", diameter) or even a normal yardstick to use as suspender bar for the baby mobile's crosspiece.

Step 2: Fix this dowel or yardstick (suspender bar) to the top of the cot approximately above Baby's chest.

Step 3: Use a piece of cardboard or plastic tube, wooden clothes hanger (removing the wire hook) or even rubber hose as the crosspiece. No sharp objects allowed.

Step 4: Tie a strong piece of string to the middle of the crosspiece. Tie the other end to the suspender bar at the top of the cot.

Step 5: Tie a piece of string to each end of the baby mobile's crosspiece.

Step 6: Tie small objects to the end of the string tied to the crosspiece. The object must dangle at the distance of Baby's outstretched hand when lying in the cot.

Step 7: Tie other small objects to the same crosspiece, making sure the crosspiece still balances.

Step 8: Finally… make sure that the swing of the crosspiece is such that when Baby grabs an object, he can put it in his mouth.

What are the best objects to hang from the crosspiece?

I suggest everyday toys like colorful booties, blocks, rattles, squeaky toys, small plastic bottles and teething rings. In fact… you can use almost any child-safe object as long as it's colorful, have different textures and contrasts light and dark colors.

Here's a tip to get even more from your baby mobile…

Tie only a few objects to the crosspiece at a time, but change them more often… maybe once or more often per week. This eliminates teaching too much too soon and keeps Baby's curiosity and interest for much longer.

Perhaps the biggest reason why this mobile so effectively encourages baby development is getting your baby's senses to work together. And at the same time it also teaches what the objects are for and what he can do with them.

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