Improving Baby Sleep Patterns

by Seema
(Canberra, ACT, Australia)

Quickly improving baby sleep patterns is vital, especially if an active 6 month old suddenly decides not to sleep because of a disturbed feed/play/sleep pattern.

A question that immediately comes to mind is: when is the best time to feed solids to keep him sufficiently full for proper sleep?

I used to try and give solids 1 hr after I breastfeed, but it did not work. I soon realised that my baby wakes up after 40 mins, would hardly breastfeed and then get tired again shortly.

His next sleep would then be shorter due to overtiredness. So, a feed/sleep/feed cycle started to emerge, which was hard to break.

I now give him solids right after he breastfeeds. Then give him active play time and a wind down time. It has developed into a proper sleep routine and seem to work well.

The moral of this story...

Try and give solids just after breast/bottle feeding and not some time later. It may be the best thing to give you some peaceful sleep.

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